Friday, 3 December 2010

Scattering of Information

The communication tools artists can play with have been widdened a lot. After the websites, the groups, the blogs and social networks, all these Internet Tools are now connected. The ones who can use all tools build their own social networks and arrange the processes to let the information flow easily. Not all have the technical skills to understand these tools completely, and the digital systems start to dictate what people can do or can't do.

So, in a few years people will start to go back to basics. don't want to be in social networks that cause side-effect in cominication.

You don't get many 'normal e-mails' anymore. The networks generate e-mails just to attract your attention to join in again. But the real communication from one person to another is what Mail-Art was all about. We will have to discover that again.

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